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The Stacy Commodities is one of the market leaders in the premium segment of the global agro commodities, apparel, fashion accessories, home decor, food stuff market. The Group focuses on the Imports, Distributor, Trading, Wholesale and marketing of premium fashion and Garments accessories for men and women.


The Stacy Commodities comprises the collections of luxury segment of the global apparel, fashion accessories, home decor, food stuff.


The brands cover a comprehensive product range encompassing classic to modern apparel, elegant eveningwear and sportswear, shoes, leather accessories as well as food stuff, apparel, fashion accessories, home decor, eyewear and home textiles. 

The Stacy Commodities leverages targeted marketing measures to raise the appeal of its brands. Apart from above-the-line marketing instruments such as print and out-of-home media, the relevant target groups are increasingly reached using digital channels. In light of the expansion of the Group’s own retail business, the importance of point-of-sale marketing is also mounting. 

Sports sponsorship campaigns focus on premium sports such as Formula 1, golf or sailing that ideally convey brand values such as dynamism, perfection and precision. In its art sponsorship activities, the Group underscores the common ground that art and fashion share with respect to design, aesthetics and creativity. The Company emphasizes these attributes further with high-profile fashion events in the world’s fashion capitals that raise the desirability and acceptance of the Group’s brands among key target groups, while adding emotional appeal to the Stacy Commodities world. 

In addition, for selective product groups, Stacy Commodities conducts business with trusted partners worldwide who provide long-lasting expertise of fashion accessories, home decor, food stuff, textile processing and modern technologies. These partners not only meet the Company’s high quality standards but comply with internationally recognized labor and social standards. To ensure the compliance of these standards regular audits are conducted by both the Company’s own auditors and external, experienced service partners. 


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